Service Level Agreement

Last update: December 14, 2023

A service level agreement is an agreement between the service providers and the customer. SLAs commonly refer to measurements made to understand how the service is received by the customer, and they are of interest to the service provider and the customer alike. At Munity, all metrics related to service degradation are transformed into errored seconds (ES) by setting appropriate thresholds for the metrics. 

The level of SLA fulfillment given in monitoring results is calculated as 100 – ES (% per month). 

With the default SLA thresholds at Munity, we obtain the following: 

  • If 100 – ES ≥ 99.95% (max 21mi and 44s per month or 43s per day), that is, if the ES percentage is below 0.05%, the service level is classified as SLA Good. 
  • If 99.5% ≤ 100 – ES < 99.95% (max 3h and 21sec per month or 7min and 12s per day), that is, if the ES percentage is in the range 0.05% … 0.5%, the service level is classified as SLA Acceptable. 
  • If 100 – ES < 99.5%, the service level is classified as SLA Bad, and Munity will take immediate action to locate and solve the problem. For example, an ES percentage of 1% equates to an SLA fulfillment of 99%, which is in the SLA Bad region.

Services Availability Munity

("Munity", "we", "us" and/or "our") will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the integration platform as a service ("Services") available 99.99% of the time, excluding any Scheduled Downtime or Excused Downtime events, each as defined below ("Services Level"). The Services availability will be calculated by dividing the total number of minutes of uptime in the Services during an applicable calendar month by the total number of actual minutes in such month minus minutes of Scheduled Downtime and minus minutes of Excused Downtime, and then multiplying that amount by 100 ("Uptime"). If the Services fail to meet the above Services Level, you will receive a Credit equal to the result of the Service Credit calculation in Section 4 of this SLA. 

Scheduled Downtime 

We will use reasonable efforts to provide you with a minimum of (7) days' advance notice for all scheduled downtime to perform system maintenance, backup and upgrade functions for the Services (the "Scheduled Downtime") if the Services will be unavailable due to the performance of system maintenance, backup and upgrade functions. Scheduled Downtime will not exceed eight (8) hours per month and will be scheduled in advance during off-peak hours (based on UTC). We will notify you via email of any Scheduled Downtime that will exceed two (2) hours. The duration of Scheduled Downtime is measured, in minutes, as the amount of elapsed time from when the Services are not available to perform operations to when the Services becomes available to perform operations. Daily system logs will be used to track Scheduled Downtime and any other Services outages. 

Unscheduled Downtime 

Unscheduled Downtime is defined as any time outside of the Scheduled Downtime when the Services are not available to perform operations, excluding any outages caused by the failure of any third-party vendor, the Internet in general, factors outside of our reasonable control, outages that resulted from your software or hardware or third party software or hardware, or both or any force majeure event ("Excused Downtime"). The measurement is in minutes. 


A Credit is the percentage of the monthly Services fees for the Services that is credited to you for an Unscheduled Downtime below the Services Level based on the Uptime as set forth below. In order to receive any of the Credits described below, you must notify Munity in writing within 30 days from the time you become eligible to receive a Credit. You must also provide us with log files showing Unscheduled Downtime and the date and time it occurred. If you do not comply with these requirements, you will forfeit your right to receive a Credit. 

If a dispute arises with respect to this SLA, we will make a determination in good faith based on its system logs, monitoring reports, configuration records, and other available information. The maximum aggregate number of Credits issued by us to you for all Unscheduled Downtime in a single billing month will not exceed 50% of the amount due from you for the Services for the applicable month. Credits will be in the form of a monetary credit applied to future use of the Services and will be applied within 60 days after the Credit was requested. Credits are your sole and exclusive remedy for any violation of this SLA. 

Monthly Uptime Percentage

99,5% to 99.95% -> 25% monthly fee

< 99,5% -> 50% monthly fee

*Percentage of monthly fee for the respective Services that does not meet the Services Level that will be credited to Customer's future monthly fees.