Building innovative
software from scratch is

freaking hard!

Use our SaaS Boilerplates to kickstart your business.

No Code and Low Code are not the only alternative. We accelerate traditional software time to market while keeping your technical debt under control.

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Launch, genrate, preview, test all the versions of your apps in one click

Get code

Get your app in your machine in one click to modify, test and have fun

Quick app setup

In less than 5 minutes, you will have a functional and basic SaaS application. Just follow our instruction to kick start a boilerplate. You can focus on deciding what will be your killer feature in the meantime.

Build around our code

Munity gathers five main services in one place: Web proxy, Frontend, Backend, Timeseries (Relationnal database) & Websocket. You will build your specific business features faster on top of these.

Iterate as much as you want

For now Munity has to be self-hosted but we're also working to ease continuous deployment and hosting pain for developers and their teams. Just keep in touch to now when it's gonna be ready!